MPC Programme

Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) is a programme approved by the Catholic Church. It is designed to help couples enter into marriage armed with a permanent commitment to grow in their own couple love through loving communication with each other and to have a Christ-centered relationship.


What happens at MPC?

Each course comprises of three Sunday morning sessions held at Saint Joseph’s Institution (SJI)) at Malcolm Road and three other sessions held at the homes of presenting couples in the weekends.

MPC Session

MPC Session

Sessions at SJI:

Mass is celebrated at each Sunday morning session held at SJI.


Mass at MPC


Mass at MPC

Home Sessions:

The relaxed informal atmosphere during the home sessions helps make it easier for everyone to share.

Sharing at Home Sessions

Sharing at Home Sessions

Sharing at Home Sessions

Sharing at Home Sessions

Fellowship over food during the home sessions.

Fellowship at Home Sessions

Fellowship at Home Sessions

Fellowship at Home Sessions

Fellowship at Home Sessions

Testimonies from Engaged Couples who have attended MPC:

Wyane & Yvonne

“The key issue that I find most important and I think should be shared with others concerns divorce.  MPC emphasizes the fundamentals of a healthy marriage and encourages couples to work out their differences in constructive ways which in the long term will not only help prevent divorce but to strengthen and build the bond between husband and wife for a great marriage.” – Wyane

“I’m actually a non-Catholic and I didn’t know much about the Catholic faith prior to attending MPC other than through the weekly Sunday mass. MPC has enriched me with a much deeper insight and the goodness of the faith. I’m actually quite touched by how the religion encourages and teaches married couples to maintain strong and healthy marriages and really sticking to each other through good times and bad. It’s really not an easy thing to do so especially now in a society where divorce rates are rocket high and marriage seems so fragile.” – Yvonne


Jonathan & Kylee

“I would like to share with you what struck me most about MPC having gone through the course.  This is related to the common saying ‘give a man to fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’ – we can see MPC as a one-off course where we get to discuss different topics as they affect our lives at the present, i.e. MPC feeds us for a day, our lives together as enriched at the present moment.  We can also see MPC as a course that has taught us how to communicate with each other, such that we will always be able to discuss difficult topics at different times in our lives.  If we do this, our marriage will be enriched for a lifetime.” – Jonathan

“Having been with Jon for over 7 years now, I did not think that there would be things about him that I was not already aware of or that there may be issues that we never touched upon or talked about but I think MPC debunked that belief of mine. I actually went into MPC thinking that it would be a good platform for us to be aware of and to learn about the trial and tribulations of marriage and being married rather than it being a process of learning new things about Jon, about myself through Jon and about us as a couple. To illustrate what I mean, one thing that struck me deeply was the sharing on what it means to be faithful in marriage. Jesus said ‘I have come to give life and to give it more abundantly.’ To be faithful in marriage is more than a series of DON’Ts and DOs. It means to be LIFE-GIVING. To bring my spouse to his full potential.” – Kylee



“Dear PC,

Thank you for being such great facilitators in the MPC journey, you both did more than just going through the couple paks, in fact, we were heard and valued even for the slightest issues in our relationship. You have created an great atmosphere of openness and faith.

This MPC started 7 weeks before our wedding and this is actually the busiest period with rushing all the preparation. That half day of weekend actually mean a lot to us but now we know that it is all worth it. Honestly speaking, We expected some professionals lecturing or counselling us in MPC, we were quite shocked to see couples sharing with us at the front of the stage about their personal experience and we actually could hardly laugh at their jokes. We both left expecting to drag ourselves through these 6 weeks course. Not forgetting there were homework assigned each week.

The first group sharing seems weird as we were all strangers but the emphasis of keeping the sharing within the group and having you both as example to share deeply about your relationship had helped us to open up. The couple pak is a great tool to understand ourselves, our partner and our relationship. It provides us a channel to share, to address issues, to manage expectation and to set goals in our relationship. We are kind of “forced” to be transparent with one another, “forced” to face up with our issues and “forced” to resolve them together. I began to understand what this whole thing is about, it is our relationship and our marriage so we seriously don’t need experts to tell us what are the right things to do or give us the winning formula. We are guided to work out our very own “winning formula” for our very own relationship and marriage.

This MPC doesn’t do miracle to any of our relationship but it sets the foundation in our marriage. Having emphasize to put God in the center of marriage really help us to benchmark what is right & wrong and have faith to believe that we could love & forgive each other despite of our imperfections. The road ahead is still long, challenging and uncertain, we need to constantly apply what we had learnt during MPC.

We thank God for bringing us together!
We thank God for knowing all the lovely couples through the MPC!
We thank God for marriages!” – JC


Rita & Louis

“Dear PC,

We appreciate very much for your patience in instilling the necessary mindset to maintain a successful marriage.

We also found our attitude on attending MPC sessions has gradually change from the feeling of obligation towards keen, as what was expected by Michael in the first MPC session.

Throughout the MPC sessions, we gained quite a lot from the sharing, such as the importance of understanding and respecting our life partner. From the sessions, not everything is new to us. For instance, we knew that there is a way to communicate by love letter but just we never realize that how important that this tool can be used to maintain a good relationship.

We truly respect you for your strong faith in Catholic and Jesus. With your faith, you make us understand better of what is a blessed Catholic marriage and the values of a Catholic marriage & Sacrament etc. From this understanding, we are more convince to live in a catholic family, like raising our child as a Catholic, encourage our child to be more involved in church activities when he/she grows up.

Thanks again for your guidance throughout the whole journey of MPC.

Thanks other couples as well for the sharing and accompany during the six week sessions.

Wish you all a blessed marriage.

Thank you.”- Rita & Louis


Maverick & Katherine

“To PC,

All good things will come to an end, just when we feel that the weekly session has just beginning to be part of our life. The 6 weeks marriage preparation course is swiftly coming to an end.

We knew that we have to attend the MPC in order for us to hold a church wedding in Vietnam. Katherine’s mother is a devoted catholic and her only wish for both of us is to see our marriage being witness under the faith of Catholic Church. We oblige to it.

The course started and weeks passed, we started to sing praises to God.

We had thank God for sending us such wonderful presenters to guide us through the 6 weeks program. Catherine and Mike, you have uphold your responsibilities to educate us in your best efforts gracefully.

Although all of us barely knew each other or I will say our friendship only started for 6 weeks. You have shared so much of yourselves truthfully. It is indeed valuable to us. Your hospitalities towards us in your home and ensuring we are in best comfort, always ensuring there are enough drinks to go around and your generosity of sufficient food during our tea break. We truly appreciate.

This lead us to the question in couple pak 3, “when do we feel we are closest to God?”, your unselfishness, compassion and love toward us make us feel that we are always with God and in the arm of his love.

You have demonstrated to us that the real facts of life and marriage in happiness, sorrows and frustrations. You have made us realized in depth and understand the importance of seeking a balance in life and seeking differences with an open heart.

The MPC constitutes of substance of Catholicism which are least religious as what we expected. The interpretations of the teachings serve us as guides into ethical values in our life.

To all ECs, it’s great to know and went along with all of you guys through the MPC course. It’s just a very short time in life but we did have a wonderful time together, sharing, praying and learning. All the best to us, may God be with you and please keep in touch.

We will like to express our appreciation to the couple who have delivered their prayers and encouragement for us. Thank you all.

Lastly, from the bottom of our heart, to Catherine and Mike, our teacher, our friends, thank you very much.” – Maverick & Katherine


Vincent & Bonnie

“Dear PC,

We felt very meaningful, enjoyable and fruitful to attend MPC, to our surprise, it was much different from our imagination about MPC.

Before we started MPC, we felt that it is a ‘must’ to us to attend as required by our church. But as the weeks went by, we felt that we are so blessed to have this chance to attend and know more about MPC.

At first we thought that it will be conducted in the formal lecture course, which only listen without any participation (one way communication). But during the sessions, we are not only sharing our feelings among couples, we are also learning from our parenting couple (two way communications). It helps us know more about our personality and real thinking. It is very useful for our future planning for our marriage. And it serves the purpose of MPC, which encourage us to focus more on our MARRIAGE, but not our WEDDING.

Besides, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to both of you. We sincerely appreciate for your willingness to spend extra time for our separate session as we were not able to attend the group session due to the funeral of our beloved aunt in Malaysia.

We will definitely encourage our wed-to-be friends to attend MPC because this is the only time that the couple will know more about themselves before wedding.

God bless!” – Vincent & Bonnie