Course Application

The course for 2021 is closed for application.

Quarter Availability Course Starts On Course Ends On
Q4 Closed 3 October 2021 7 November 2021

The course for 2022 is closed for application.

Quarter Availability Course Starts On Course Ends On
Q1 Closed 13 February 2022 20 March 2022
Q2 Closed 3 April 2022 22 May 2022
Q3 Closed 10 July 2022 14 August 2022
Q4 Closed 2 October 2022 6 November 2022

Those getting married in Church on or before 30 June 2022, please email immediately.


1. To get the most benefit from the course, applications to attend MPC should be submitted at least 1 year before your wedding.

2. There are a limited number of places for each course and priority for allocation is based on the date of receipt of your application.

3. Applications received after the closure of availability of a particular course will be placed on a waitlist. We will inform you if you are placed on the waitlist.

4. While we endeavor to ensure that each course proceed as planned, MPC will not be held liable if we have to cancel or postpone a particular course for reasons beyond our control.

5. For enquiry, please email us at


Registration Information:

The course fee is S$200.00 per couple.  Payment can be made by online Internet bank transfer or by cheque. Please refer to application form for further details.

Your place on the course is only confirmed upon your receiving an Acknowledgment Letter via email. If you do not receive an acknowledgment 2 weeks after submitting your application, please contact us.

Course Completion:

A Certificate of Attendance is issued only to couples who attend the course together in its entirety (i.e. all 6 sessions).

MPC Application Forms:

2022 Course: To register for the course, please download your 2022 Application Form here.

Timing and Venue:

3 Sessions at Saint Joseph’s Institution (SJI)

Sunday at Lecture Theatre 2 from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm. Address is 38 Malcolm Road, Singapore 308274.

3 Home Sessions

At the home of the Presenting Couple. You will be informed of the time and address at the 1st weekend when you meet at SJI. The home sessions are usually on Sundays but may be on Saturdays depending on the group you are allocated to. Each session is about half a day (4 to 5 hours).

Where Is Saint Joseph's Institution (SJI)?